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First of all, thanks for visiting my website. You've either stumbled across it or arrived here by accident! I'm not here to brag, my webpage allowance sadly isn't big enough for that, but heres a little round up none the less.

The sea has always been the foundation for the majority of my photography, which has ultimately led me to the marine industry in which I work now. I first started working on the water at 17 and played with a camera sometime before that, since then I gradually developed both my skills and equipment which gave me the opportunity to photograph projects across Europe whilst working offshore. I've now set up camp back on home turf at Redcar, I dont plan on becoming a full time professional photographer, the thought of wrestling through crowds at weddings has never floated my boat, and thats just to get to the cake! I enjoy the marine world and everything I have been lucky enough to capture so far, I'm always open to discuss any projects that I can help with, but I'm no commercial chaser.  

I like to think of my website as place to showcase my images, experiences and portfolios that I have seen from behind the lens. I want to start angling more toward the documentary side of photography, but thats still in its early days and so is this website, please bare with me! Now for the boring part. All images displayed are copyright, and cannot be used without permission for any purpose. Stock images represent a further portfolio that can seen upon request, ta da!

If you have made it this far, hats off to you! I kept yawning just writing it, thank you.

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